About Us

Welcome To GJDYC

Our mission is to engage, connect, an empower young Jamaicans around the world.

The Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council hereinafter referred to as "GJDYC" is a youth-led initiative with the aim of increasing the affinity and connection of young people in the Jamaican Diaspora. It is grounded in the recognition that greater linkages should be forged and mechanisms established to connect Diaspora youth with Jamaica; specifically, the engagement of the second, third and fourth generations.

  • What we aim to achieve

    The GJDYC will serve to engage, empower and organize the youth of Jamaican heritage in the Diaspora and mobilise them to connect and contribute to Jamaica's development.

  • Who We Serve

    Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council seeks to engage all youth of Jamaica heritage between the ages 18-35

  • What We Do

    The Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council seeks to build a network of young people, at home and abroad, who want to share a passion for youth and Jamaica’s development, reconnect to Jamaica’s culture and heritage, and contribute to Jamaica’s development through comprehensive and coordinated mechanisms.

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