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Welcome To GJDYC

Our vision is for the youth of Jamaican descent to be engaged locally and globally, equipped with the skills, networks and opportunities to empower themselves to reach their fullest potential and to invest in the sustainable development of Jamaica.

The Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council hereinafter referred to as "GJDYC" is a youth-led initiative with the aim of increasing the affinity and connection of young people in the Jamaican Diaspora. It is grounded in the recognition that greater linkages should be forged and mechanisms established to connect Diaspora youth with Jamaica; specifically, the engagement of the second, third and fourth generations.

  • What we aim to achieve

    The GJDYC will serve to engage, empower and organize the youth of Jamaican heritage in the Diaspora and mobilize them to connect and contribute to Jamaica's development.

  • Who We Serve

    Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council seeks to engage all youth of Jamaica heritage between the ages 18-35

  • What We Do

    The main role and function of the GJDYC is to create modalities and implement strategies to realize the following objectives in relation to youth engagement, stemming from the National Diaspora Policy:
    a) Galvanizing youth in their respective countries or region to discuss and take action on matters relating to community development, civic partnerships, and issues affecting young people in the Jamaica Diaspora and young people in Jamaica;
    b) Building local, regional and cross border partnerships and networks with youth in the Diaspora to create synergies with young people and youth entities in Jamaica;
    c) Promoting the well-being of youth in their local Diaspora region and in Jamaica;
    d) Encouraging and facilitating the development of opportunities for youth to empower themselves and their communities;
    e) Supporting activities geared at youth engagement, in collaboration with the nearest Jamaican Overseas Missions, Diaspora organizations, the Ministry with responsibility for Youth and the Diaspora Affairs Department in the Ministry with responsibility for Diaspora Affairs
    f) Participating in practical programmes and activities geared towards a greater understanding of the mechanisms and structure of the Government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies;
    g) Contributing to the development of policy through research, reports, events and recommendations;
    h) Connecting with the second to fourth generation youth including those under the age of 18, through events and educational programmes;
    i) Strengthening cultural and professional connections through internships, exchange and placement programmes in Jamaica.

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